Unless specified otherwise in the rules and regulations (e.g. rescheduling of games), communication with the ERSL by players, parents, or team officials is not permitted. Questions, complaints, concerns, and other matters must be communicated to the appropriate Club representative.

NOTE - The ERSL does NOT provide player cards.  Please visit the EODSA website here.

East Region Soccer League

 1150 Morrison Dr, Suite 303
 Ottawa, Ontario K2H 8S9
 Telephone: 613-234-6429
 Fax: 613-916-6353
 Email: GM@ersl.ca

ERSL Office Hours
 Monday    Closed
 Tuesday    9:30 - 14:30
 Wednesday    9:30 - 14:30
 Thursday    9:30 - 14:30
 Friday    Closed
 Saturday    Closed

Ottawa Office:

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