Girls U13 District T1

1West Ottawa G13T1 B14130141113039
2Ottawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U13G T114100434171730
3Seaway Valley Blazers G13T11491436251128
4Ottawa City G13T11490531191227
5Cumberland United G13T11471636251122
6Ottawa Internationals G13T1142210530-258
7OSU Force Academy White G13T11421111843-257
8West Ottawa G13T1 A141112738-314

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1Vanessa ZAPATACumberland United G13T111
2Ella PECHKOFFWest Ottawa G13T1 B10
3Taylor MCCALLUMSeaway Valley Blazers G13T110
4Alexandra HAMILOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U13G T19
5Ava ELGOODWest Ottawa G13T1 B9
6Annie THIVIERGEOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U13G T18
7Ava Simone BECKOttawa City G13T18
8Reagan MCGILLVRAYCumberland United G13T18
9Nora GHIECumberland United G13T17
10Isabelle LONGCHAMPSSeaway Valley Blazers G13T16

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Lola DE TONIWest Ottawa G13T1 B5
2Melina CANECumberland United G13T15
3Isabel NOVAS-PENAOttawa City G13T13
4Mia SILLSOSU Force Academy White G13T13
5Mylena FORGETSeaway Valley Blazers G13T13
6Siri DUCHARME-LEBLANCOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U13G T13
7Cassidy WATERSOttawa Internationals G13T12
8Chantel ERRINGTONOttawa City G13T12
9Alexandra HAMILOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U13G T11
10Caroline DAVYWest Ottawa G13T1 A1
11Ceilidh PATESeaway Valley Blazers G13T11
12Julia LEBLANCOttawa Internationals G13T11
13Norah DEWOLFEOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U13G T11

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