Girls U17 District

1Seaway Valley Blazers G17T116140264214342
2Ottawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U17G T116121374136137
3Cumberland United G17T116111448291934
4Ottawa Internationals G17T11691650262428
5West Ottawa G17T1 A1682647351226
6Perth United G17T1168265046426
7West Ottawa G17T1 B1640123343-1012
8Almonte G17T11611141495-814
9Russell G17T11610151385-723

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Anna-Maria LACHOWICZ-KOLBIKOttawa Internationals G17T116
2Shyanna GAUTHIERSeaway Valley Blazers G17T116
3Beatrice IPOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U17G T115
4Charlotte REESINK-BABILLONOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U17G T115
5Alyssa CONTANTSeaway Valley Blazers G17T114
6Deena FREMONTWest Ottawa G17T1 A14
7Shelby BOOKERCumberland United G17T113
8Megan MESSAROSCumberland United G17T111
9Annika MARSHALLOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U17G T110
10Nadine DROUINPerth United G17T110

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Anna BAKEROttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U17G T17
2Alexia BOURGETSeaway Valley Blazers G17T12
3Callissa DUNBARWest Ottawa G17T1 B2
4Emma KEABLEOttawa Internationals G17T12
5Martine LAJEUNESSECumberland United G17T12
6Rebecca MCFADYENOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U17G T12
7Sarah NOVIN-KASHANYOttawa Internationals G17T12
8Abigail LEAOttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U17G T11
9Brooklyn WOODSIDESeaway Valley Blazers G17T11
10Name WithheldAlmonte G17T11
11Hannah BAINPerth United G17T11
12ISABELLE BARKEROttawa Gloucester Hornets Attack U17G T11
13Kelly Brissard Seaway Valley Blazers G17T11
14Robyn DAVYWest Ottawa G17T1 A1
15Samantha KEONCumberland United G17T11
16Stephanie SEGUINWest Ottawa G17T1 B1

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