Boys U15 Regional

1Kingston United B15 Regional18115264343038
2Ottawa Internationals B15 Regional18106263352836
3Capital United B15 Regional1897254342034
4Ottawa Gloucester Hornets Sting U15B L31886448321630
5Nepean Hotspurs B15 Regional1892769501929
6Cumberland United B15 Regional1878337251229
7West Ottawa B15 Regional1852112957-2817
8OSU Force Academy White B15 Regional184592956-2717
9St. Anthony B15R Parmar1835104261-1914
10Kingston Clippers B15 Regional1810171970-513

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No games are scheduled in the next 10 days

1Nathan BOUSSALIOttawa Internationals B15 Regional28
2Daniel TSHINYAMA KASONGANepean Hotspurs B15 Regional24
3Devyn VIEGASSt. Anthony B15R Parmar19
4Ayden HARRISCapital United B15 Regional18
5Ethan DAYKingston United B15 Regional18
6D'andre STERLING-WISDOMNepean Hotspurs B15 Regional16
7Paul NANOSOttawa Gloucester Hornets Sting U15B L313
8Zachary MEREDITHOttawa Internationals B15 Regional12
9Arjun KAHLONCumberland United B15 Regional11
10Eriq SECCHIOttawa Gloucester Hornets Sting U15B L311

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Joshua LEGERCumberland United B15 Regional5
2Ciaran RYANOttawa Gloucester Hornets Sting U15B L33
3Gabriel MERINOWest Ottawa B15 Regional2
4Grady SQUIRESOttawa Internationals B15 Regional2
5Owen PAISLEYKingston United B15 Regional2
6Adrian MILEJSKICapital United B15 Regional1
7Benjamin HARRINGTONCapital United B15 Regional1
8Connor TOWNSWest Ottawa B15 Regional1
9Ivan SARICSt. Anthony B15R Parmar1
10Olivier LANGLOISSt. Anthony B15R Parmar1
11Sachin D"Souza Muise Ottawa Internationals B15 Regional1
12Yigit Ali PAPUTCUNepean Hotspurs B15 Regional1

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