2016 East Region Soccer League
ERSL Fees and
 Fines Schedule

The following table summarizes the East Regional Soccer League Fees and Fines as defined in the Constitution and Rules and Regulations for the 2015 season.  All fines shall be assessed against the Club.

Does not apply to
District Development


Club Membership Fee


Team Entry Fee

$330 per team

Late Team Entry Fee

$100 per team (up to $500 per Club)

Request for Discipline Hearing


Request for Discipline Hearing Postponement


Game Protest Fee


Referee Game Fees

Refer to EODSA Referee Game Fees


Regional Team withdrawn between February 28th and March 31st

Forfeit team entry fee

Regional Team withdrawn between April 1st and April 30th

Fine equal to team fee

Regional Team withdrawn after May 1st


District Team withdrawn between March 28th and April 30th

Forfeit team entry fee

District Team withdrawn after May 1st

Fine equal to the Team entry fee

NSF Cheques

$50 plus bank charges

Failure of a Club to attend all or part of the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting

$500 per occurrence

Failure of a Team Head Coach to produce OSA Player Registrant Books or OSA Player ID Cards and OSA Team Roster Report

$50 per occurrence

Failure to provide a game sheet generated from the System (if no notice of technical difficulties)

$50 per game

Hand writing names on games sheets (if no notice of technical difficulties).

$50 per game

Failure of a Club to attend the Administrators Pre-Season meeting.


Failure of a Team to attend the Team Officials Pre-Season meeting.


Failure to activate the Team on the ERSL League Management System by April 30th


Failure of a Team to produce alternate Team colours when directed to do so by the Referee

$50 per occurrence

Team playing an ineligible or suspended player under the name of one of its other registered players


Team playing a player who has not presented a Player Registration Book or OSA ID Card before the start of the second half, per occurrence, per game


Team Official present at or in the vicinity of the field for that team’s League game during the period of his/her suspension.

$50 per occurrence

Failure of Club to provide the scheduled Discipline Panel member

$100 per occurrence

Failure of the Home Club to assign the Referee or Assistant Referee in Ref Centre as per ERSL Referee Appointment Policy

Fine equal to twice the Referee's fee set out in the Schedule of Fees.

Failure of the Home Club to assign a Referee or Assistant Referee in accordance with the OSA Referee Appointments Classification Table and the additional requirements set forth by the ERSL in this Policy

Fine equal to twice the Referee's fee set out in the Schedule of Fees.

Failure to enter game results on the ERSL league management system within 7 days of the game completion.

$50 per game

Failure to provide, goal nets or, game ball or corner flags

$25 per occurrence

Player, Coach or other Team Official who attempts or does impede, harass or otherwise intimidate a game official or opposing Team Officials

up to $1000

Any substitute player or Team Official on the bench entering the field of play during an altercation

up to $500

Team caused scheduled kick-off of game to be delayed


Team failing to appear for a game or have at least the minimum number of players on the field within the 20 minute grace period:

First Occurrence


Second Occurrence


Third Occurrence

Termination of the Team's membership in the League

If the team failing to appear is the Home Team, the Away Team shall be able to submit a bill for travel expense incurred based on $0.35 per kilometer.

Not to exceed $100

If the team failing to appear is the Away Team, the Away Team's Club shall be billed for the referee fee(s) and the field rental costs.

Actual costs

Game abandoned due to actions of players, Team Officials or spectators/supporters of a Team

up to $1000, including any OSA mandated fine

Game abandoned or because a team is unable to field the minimum number of players at any time after the start of the game


Team removes itself from the field of play


Unauthorized rescheduling of a game by team Officials


Failure of a Team player or Official to appear at a Disciplinary Hearing


Failure of a Club to ensure that a player or Team Official appears within 30 days of the date of the original Disciplinary Hearing


Club failing to appear for a Disciplinary Hearing


Discipline Index Fine

·         Regional Rule 21.8;

·         District Competitive Rule 21.8; and

·         District Development Rule 18.07.

$200 per team to a maximum of $1000 per club, per season

Communication Fine per Regional Rules and Regulations Article 24.2, District Competitive Rules and Regulations Article 24.02, and District Development Rules and Regulations Article 21.02

$25 per occurrence

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