East Region Cup Rules and Regulations


The Rules and Regulations of the ERSL Level 3 League will apply for the ER Cup with the following exceptions:

  1. The East Region Cup (ER Cup) is a single game elimination competition played throughout the season for teams playing in the ERSL Regional L3 and L4 U13 to U18 divisions.

  1. There shall be no entry fee for the ER Cup.

  1. All eligible teams are automatically entered into the ER Cup. However a team may withdraw from the competition by sending an email stating that fact to the ERSL at GM@ersl.ca. The email must be received by 18:00 on Friday May 16th.

  1. There must be a minimum of 8 teams entered in an age group. Should less than 8 teams enter the ER Cup, then those teams will be entitled to play up a year, or can decline to participate in the ER Cup.

  1. All teams who enter the ER Cup do so at the 1st round. If required, first round byes will be determined in a draw conducted by the ERSL. No teams shall receive byes in subsequent rounds.

  1. ER Cup participants will schedule ER Cup games in accordance with the following document: 2014 East Region Cup Scheduling Procedure.

  1. A player shall play for only one (1) team in the ER Cup competition. Once a player has played for a team, they are tied to that team for the remainder of 2014 Cup competition.

  1. Subject to the restrictions of Article 7, play up permits are allowed, but are restricted to players from the Level 4 division in the same age division, District Competitive in the same age division, any level at a younger age group, or a Club's house league.

  1. Trial permits are not permitted in the ER Cup.

  1. Temporary Registration Permits are not permitted in the ER Cup.

  1. Any team found to be playing an ineligible player in a Cup game will be eliminated from the competition, the team and coach may also face further discipline action. Previous game results will not be affected by this decision.

  1. The length of game is as follows:

·         Under 13 – Two 40 minute halves

·         Under 14 to Under 18 – Two 45 minute halves

  1. No substitutions will be permitted on a throw-in.

  1. If the game is tied at the end of regular time then the game shall be decided by penalty kicks according to the Laws of the Game. In accordance with the Laws of the Game, games that are a tied at the end of regular time shall be reported as a draw when completing the game report. The ERSL will use the Referee report to determine which team advances.

  1. Club appointed assistant referees will be used for all ER Cup games.

  1. Trophies will be awarded to the champions of each Cup Division. The trophies remain the property of the ERSL, and shall be returned to the ERSL no later than May 31st of the following year.

  1. Medals will be awarded to each player registered with the winning and finalist team of each Cup Division.

  1. The U13 to U16 ER Cup Finals will be hosted by a member club. The U17/18 ER Cup Finals will be hosted by the ERSL.

19. The ERSL is seeking a sustaining sponsorship and/or dedicated funding source for the ER Cup Competition which may restrict your team and/or Club’s ability to display sponsorship material at the ER Cup Competition Final events.

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