East Region Soccer League

ERSL Promotion & Relegation Policy

ERSL Promotion and Relegation Policy

As amended at the April 3, 2022 Special General Meeting

Part A -- General Policies

The Promotion and Relegation Policies are applicable to EODSA Teams/Clubs. SOSA and Soccer Outaouais will use Technical Leadership to determine their Regional Teams. 

  1. Clubs eligible for promotion shall receive the offer from the League not later than October 15 and will be required to declare their intentions with respect to the promotion within 14 days after the offer is made. Clubs shall be provided 7 days to respond to any additional promotion offers that are made after certain Clubs have declined the initial offer. 
  2. Each Club shall be limited to a maximum of two Regional teams per division. 
  3. First place District Competitive teams that are ten points clear of the second place team MUST accept promotion. 
  4. Teams that are the District Competitive champions in two consecutive seasons MUST accept promotion. 
  5. Where a playoff is required to break a tie in the standings where promotion eligibility is at stake, the game shall be played under the conditions specified in the tie-breaker procedures of the ERSL’s Rules and Regulations. 
  6. If either or both Teams that are required to play a tie breaker-game in accordance with Article 6 fail to do so within the timelines established by the ERSL, the Team(s) SHALL forfeit their eligibility for promotion in the subsequent season to the higher level division.
  7. "EODSA” means the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association.

 "SOSA” means the Southeast Ontario Soccer Association.

 "LRSO” means the Ligue Régionale de Soccer de l’Outaouais.

Part B – Teams eligible for U13 divisions

Teams joining U13 Regional divisions will be determined by self-selection and EODSA Technical Leadership. Details regarding EODSA Technical Leadership (Selection Criteria) will be sent to Clubs at the conclusion of each season, for the following season.

Part C -- U14 to U18

Selection of Teams for Regional

  1. The first and second place District Competitive teams from the EODSA League U13 to U17 District divisions are offered promotion to the ERSL at the next age level. If promotion is declined, the offer of promotion shall be extended to the next Club(s) as long as the Club(s) is within six points of the last eligible Club to qualify for promotion.
  2. Following the application of Article 1, if there are more than 8 teams in the Regional Division, a sufficient number of EODSA Teams shall be relegated to reduce the number of EODSA teams to a maximum of 8 teams.   
    1. If more than 10 teams participate in a U13 Regional division in any particular year, a sufficient number of teams shall be relegated, following the application of Article 1, to reduce the number of EODSA teams to a maximum of 10 teams in U14.   
    2. If a first place team from one or both of the SOSA League or the LRSO are nominated by their District for promotion, and if it results in more than one team from that District in the Regional division for the following year, the ERSL League Management Board reserves the right to increase the division size to 9 teams or 10 teams, as applicable.
  3. Following the application of Article 1, and Article 2, if there is a vacancy in the Regional Division, then any additional team(s) from EODSA District Competitive (e.g. 3rd place, then 4th place, as long as they are within six points of the last eligible Club to qualify for promotion) will be offered promotion to the Regional Division to increase the number of EODSA teams.
  4. Following the application of Article 1, Article 2, and Article 3, the ERSL Management Board will review any additional team applications that do not fall within this policy, and may at its sole discretion grant a Regional team spot to an eligible Team, within the team limits specified above, subject to approval of Ontario Soccer.
  5. Following the application of Article 3 and Article 4, if there is still an insufficient number of EODSA District Competitive Teams eligible for, or willing to accept, promotion to Regional, the ERSL may, at its sole discretion, decide to relegate fewer EODSA teams from the previous season’s Regional Level.
  6. Unless a Team has been relegated to District Competitive in accordance with Article 2, a club that decides not to field a team in a Regional Age Division for which the Club had an established team spot in the previous season, then that Club SHALL forfeit its team spot in the Regional division. 
  7. Once the ERSL is advised that the Club is disbanding or withdrawing its application for a team for which it had a spot, the ERSL may, at its sole discretion, assign the forfeited spot to any other eligible Club/Team in accordance with this policy.
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