East Region Soccer League

Game Rescheduling Policy

East Regional Soccer League Regional Game Reschedule Policy
As Approved at the 2018 ERSL AGM

The primary objective of the ERSL is to provide participating teams with scheduled league play within the context of Ontario Soccer’s Pyramid for Play. The ERSL seeks to support the participation of players in provincial and national team programs and competitions (e.g. The Ontario Cup). Consequently, the league’s reschedule policy has been formulated to address circumstances beyond participants control (weather related), as well as the objectives of supporting individual player development. In addition, the reschedule policy has been formulated to allow teams to participate in other activities such as sanctioned tournaments and team travel opportunities, while recognizing the primacy of league play.

Notwithstanding the Reschedule Policy, the ERSL expects teams to make every effort to adhere to the league schedule as originally published. It is expected that should reschedules become necessary, teams will work co-operatively to reschedule games as quickly as possible. Additionally, given the realities of our short season, summer vacations and school activities, teams are expected to utilize every tool available to them (call ups, TRPs, Trial Permits), as well as scheduled practice time/facilities, to not only adhere to the published schedule but also arrange reschedules as quickly as possible.

1. Reschedules by the League

Games will be posted by the League for rescheduling if:

a. At the discretion of the Referee, they are postponed or abandoned due to inclement weather or unplayable field conditions;

b. A weather warning is broadcast for the area in which the game is scheduled to be played, and the travel time for the Away team exceeds 60min one way, and the Away team brings this to the attention of the League by no later than 14:00 for a weekday game;

c. A game is postponed at the discretion of a park official responsible for the operation and maintenance of the field with the authority to close the field to soccer use; and

d. The Referee does not appear within 20 minutes of the scheduled kick-off time and no other OS registered, certified and eligible Referee, agreed to by both Teams’ Officials is available to replace him/her.

2. Team Schedule Blackouts

a. Teams may submit by March 1st, no more than three time periods when they require time blocked from the schedule up to a total maximum of ten (10) days.  No additions or changes will be accepted after March 1st. Failure to submit or if submitted with more than ten (10) days will result in no time blocked for that particular team.  There will be no blocked off time for Under 18 divisions.

Exception: Teams travelling outside North America may block off 1 time period of up to 15 days and must provide backup documentation.  This is 5 days in addition to the 10 blackout dates already provided, or 15 days total.

3. Schedule Exceptions

a. Under no circumstances will teams be allowed to postpone games.

b. Teams attempting to manipulate the schedule, will be charged under Ontario Soccer 5.67, and if found guilty will be fined.

c. Requests to reschedule games other than for the blocked times submitted to the League will not be entertained. Unauthorized rescheduling of a game by team Officials will result in a fine in accordance with the ERSL Schedule of Fees and Fines.

Exception: U13 and U14 teams will be allowed to reschedule one (1) game in either June or September for a school function.  Team must submit the request in writing ten (10) days prior to the scheduled game along with supporting documentation.

Exception: U18 teams will be allowed to reschedule one (1) game in June for a school function.  Team must submit the request in writing ten (10) days prior to the scheduled game along with supporting documentation.

d. A team is scheduled to participate in an Ontario Cup game with 48 hours of a scheduled ERSL game. The Team must advise the ERSL of the reschedule request at least ten (10) days in advance of the scheduled kick off.

 4. Rescheduling

a. Every attempt will be made to play postponed games within three weeks of the original scheduled date.  New game details must be arranged within fourteen (14) days of the original game date, and must at the very latest be played before the division end-of-season date as defined in the Bylaws.

b. Rescheduled games for U18 teams must be played by August 20th.

c. Both teams are equally responsible for initiating the reschedule process and must cooperate to complete;

d. At a minimum the Home team is required to provide three (3) dates that do not conflict with already-scheduled games, including at least two separate weekends, for the Away team to choose from;

e. Once the game is agreed upon:

I) The Home team must send an email to the Away team that shall include the following details

i) Game number;

ii) New game date;

iii) Home team;

iv) Away team;

v) Field; and

vi) Kick-off time.

II) The Away team must forward the Home team’s email to the league at admin@ersl.ca  (cc the Home team) indicating their agreement. The ERSL now has confirmation from both teams that the date is acceptable. New game information must be provided to the ERSL at least 2 business days in advance of the new scheduled kick-off time in order for it to be updated in the League Management System.

Note: If this process is not followed the game will not be scheduled/rescheduled.

f. If the teams cannot agree on a date within fourteen (14) days the home team shall report the problem by email to the ERSL and include communications documenting their attempts to reschedule. The ERSL will determine if the teams have made reasonable attempts to reschedule and the following action will be taken:

i) In the opinion of the ERSL, both teams made reasonable attempts - the ERSL will request three (3) dates from the Home Team and request the Away Team to select one of the three;

ii) In the opinion of the ERSL, only the Home Team made reasonable attempts - the ERSL will request one date from the Home Team and schedule the game;

iii) In the opinion of the ERSL, only the Away Team made reasonable attempts - the ERSL will request one date from the Away Team at their home field and schedule the game

iv) In the opinion of the ERSL, neither team made reasonable attempts - the game will not be played, neither team will be awarded points, and each Club will be charged a $50 administrative fee.

Note: The ERSL will judge “reasonable attempts” at its sole discretion. However, multiple emails in which Team 1 is only available on dates a, b and c, and Team 2 is only available on dates x, y and z, regardless of which team is the home team, or which team requested the reschedule, do not constitute reasonable attempts.

g. After August 20th the ERSL reserves the right to record the game as not played with no points awarded to either team and the standings will show that each team has played one less game than all other teams.

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