East Region Soccer League

Game Scheduling Guidelines

ERSL Game Scheduling Guidelines

Competitive (Regional) divisions will have the following schedule formats:

Division Size

Schedule Format


5 teams

Play each team 3 times


6 teams

Play each team 3 times


7 teams

Play each team 2 times


8 teams

Play each team 2 times


9 teams

Play each team 2 times


10 teams

Divided into A & B divisions

Plays teams within division 2 times + teams in other division 1 time

Play off game between 1st place team in each divison


11 teams

Play each team 1 time + 3 random match-ups


12 teams

Play each team 1 time + 2 random match ups


`13 teams

Play each team 1 time + 1 random match up


14 teams

Play each team 1 time


15 teams

Play each team 1 time


16 teams

Play each team 1 time


Approved by the ERSL Management Board January 2020

The ERSL will do its best to balance a team’s overall number of home and away games.  In the table above, "random match-ups" indicates that the additional games will be generated at random by the League Management System.  All games will count towards the overall standings of the division.

Games may be scheduled on Sunday up until the end of June.  In particular, all games between teams from different Districts at the Regional level will be scheduled on Sundays up until the end of June.

All games between EODSA and SOSA (or other Districts) Regional level teams will be scheduled on Sunday up until the end of June.  By default the games will be scheduled for 16:00.  If they are both in agreement the teams may arrange a change to the game time.  The game date must remain the same.

Information regarding an agreed change to game time must be provided to the ERSL using the process below:

Once the new game time is agreed upon:

I. The Home team must send an email to the Away team that shall include the following details:

a. ​Game number;

b. Field location;

c. New kick-off time.

II. The Away team must forward the Home team’s email to the league at admin@ersl.ca  (cc the Home team) indicating their agreement. The ERSL now has confirmation from both teams that the new game time is agreed upon.

Note: If this process is not followed the game time will not be adjusted.

Games may also be scheduled on Sundays where necessary in order to fit the necessary number of games into the season if no other game days are available.

Schedules for all U21 and U18 teams will conclude by August 20th.

Games will conclude by August 20th for all U21 and U18 teams as players leave and prepare to attend post-secondary school at this time.

In the event that the overall number of games for a team does not fit within the start and end dates of the season, overflow games will be placed on December 31st.

The Home team is to treat these games as reschedules and offer dates to the Away team for scheduling the game as per the ERSL Game Reschedule Policy.

Clubs are not permitted to assign more than 2 teams to the same home field on the same game night at the same kick-off time; where there are conflicts fields will be listed as TBD and Clubs must assign an alternate field.

The ERSL scheduling system will create a schedule without conflicts in home field assignments as much as possible.  In the event that there is a home field conflict the home field will be listed as ‘To be Determined’.  The home Club can input an alternate home field for that game if one is available, using the “To be Determined Fields” tool on the Club section of the website.  If an alternate field is not available the Club is encourage to secure another field permit for that game date.  Otherwise, they must notify the ERSL and the game will be placed into the reschedule section.

Game kick-off times must adhere to the ERSL Game Kick-off Time Policy.

The system is set to automatically adjust game times beginning on August 15th, and again beginning September 1st as required by the kick-off time policy.  It is the responsibility of each team to manage their schedule and ensure that these adjustments are reflected in all of their scheduled and rescheduled games.

Games will only be rescheduled for reasons outlined in the ERSL Game Reschedule Policies.

No exceptions to these Policies will be made.  It is the responsibility of each team and their officials to ensure that they understand the policy and the outlined deadlines.  Requests to reschedule games outside of this policy will not be heard or considered by the ERSL.

No games may be played after the end of season date.

The only exceptions to this is in the event that a reschedule occurs within the last week of the season or if a playoff game must be played to determine standings in a division with promotion/relegation.

A two-week break will be incorporated into the Schedules of all Regional teams.

A two-week long break will be built-in to the season schedule for all Regional teams at the end of July/beginning of August. 

All U13-U18 divisions will have a "blackout week" built-in to their regular season schedule for ER Cup Round of 16 games.

All teams in the U13-U18 age groups, whether or not they are participating in the ER Cup competitions will have one week in June "blacked out" from regular season games in order to accommodate ER Cup round of 16 games.  Teams are expected to not reschedule regular season games to this week in order to avoid conflicts with the placement and playing of Cup games.  Please see the ER Cup Scheduling rules for more information.

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